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Posts tagged quasar

Huge Quasar Cluster is Largest Cosmic Structure

What’s the biggest thing in the universe?  That would be a  cluster of quasars so large it would take a vehicle traveling at the speed of light 4 billion years to cross.  Read more…

Whoa, now that’s BIG…

Oh Andromeda, stop flashing that quasar bling. Milky Way has got ‘em too!

When we talk of quasars, we think: early universe; angry black holes in the centers of galaxies; gobs of energy; the ancient light of which is used today by astronomers to understand the primordial cosmos and the expansion of space-time. But what if I told you that astronomers have not only discovered a quasar in our modern Universe, but they’ve also discovered it right in our intergalactic back yard?