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Twisted Threads Make Strong, Supple Robots

The current generation of robots always seem so, well, robotic. Their herky-jerky movements are the result of the stiff wires and pulleys that contract and expand to move their limbs. But what if robo-muscles were more like our own; strong, yet supple, self-sufficient for long periods of time (think of the human battery life versus a robot’s) and able to make complex fine motor movements like writing or sewing. Read more

Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100

Are you ready for the robocalypse? Nah, I’m sure it’ll be peaceful.

Would You Kill a Robot?

If a robot begged for mercy, could you still “kill” it? In a modern-day interpretation of the of the famous Milgram Experiments, scientists from the University of Canterbury see how close people will go when told to “kill.”

If my computer begged for mercy, however, I don’t think I’d care too much <oops>

Laci Green says: "Coming keeps you going!" And who are we to argue?

Do Robots Rule the Galaxy?the rulers of our galaxy may have brains made of the semiconductor materials silicon, germanium and gallium. In other words, they are artificially intelligent machines that have no use — or patience — for entities whose ancestors slowly crawled out of the mud onto primeval shores.”

Drone Sub-Hunter to Patrol Seas:

…now the Pentagon wants to build a drone sub-hunter that can chase enemy craft for up to two months at a time without any human operator at the helm.


Vincent Fournier’s photo journalistic series ‘The Man Machine’ explores developing robotic technology from around the world. Click the photos for more information. 

(also check out ‘Space Project’ posted earlier this week)

will there soon be a time when robots walk the streets just like us? it seems odd to me that it might soon be normal.

so many questions… how does it decide what to paint? if you had a fitful night’s sleep would the art be more aggressive? what if you had a partner in your hotel bed?


Robot Paints Your Sleep Pattern

Measuring sleep usually involves attaching sensors to a person’s head and then creating basic charts and graphs based on brain waves… Not anymore, now a robot is using your dreams to create art.

It’s called the, “Sleep Art Experience,” and it’s a six-week project being promoted by five Ibis-brand hotels in France, Germany and Great Britain.

To start, 80 sensors are embedded in hotel room mattresses. They record sleep variables including motion, temperature and sound between midnight and 7 am.

That data is then transmitted via Wi-Fi to a robot housed in a studio in Paris. The robot uses an algorithm to convert the data into art, which is expressed through a series of brushstrokes on a black canvas. The result is a beautiful depiction of what an individual’s sleep looks like, blending together the best of science and art.

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P.S.: “I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later.” — Mitch Hedberg

Alien Robots That Left Their Mark on Mars

To any hypothetical Martians on the Red Planet, it may look like an alien invasion is underway — but these aliens come from the Blue Planet and they seem to insist on sending wave after wave of increasingly sophisticated robotic probes that dig, burn, scour and damage their pristine landscape! So, as we watch the incredible Curiosity rover dominate Gale Crater, it’s time to take a step back and contemplate how these surface missions have changed the Martian landscape.

Take a look at what our robots have done to Mars! Such hoodlums.

Robotic Sand Flea Jumps 30 Feet

The Sand Flea carries a camera to give a controller up to 215 yards away a view of the surroundings. And it can even swim. The robot is small, about 11 pounds, and has enough compressed gas for up to 25 jumps.

The Sand Flea — along with the throwable Scout XT robot — is headed to Afghanistan, where it will be tested in real-world conditions.

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Robotic Cheetah Breaks Land Speed Record

The robot was built by Boston Dynamics, which has been working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for some years on robots that move more like creatures in nature. The projects are all part of a Defense Department program called Maximum Mobility and Manipulation, or M3.

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