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770-Pound Colossal Squid a ‘Perfect’ Specimen

Scientists said Tuesday a female colossal squid weighing an estimated 350 kilograms (770 lbs) and thought to be only the second intact specimen ever found was carrying eggs when discovered in the Antarctic.

NASA is working on a new instrument for the International Space Station that will create a 3-D map of the Earth’s forests, in order to measure the role of trees in scrubbing carbon from the atmosphere.

The new instrument will use lidar, a laser system for measuring distance between the space-based instrument and the surface. Called the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar, the system will be put together at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. 

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US and Indian Spacecraft Rapidly Approach Mars

Two Mars-bound spacecraft are both in excellent health ahead of their September arrivals in orbit around the Red Planet, managers for both missions report.

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How did the Earth’s atmosphere form?

A mysterious new crater was recently discovered in Siberia! Where did it come from?

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Whale sharks are flocking to waters off of the Azore islands, a Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, a new study has found.

Whale sharks tend to enjoy warmer temperatures, but even this species has been affected by climate change, according to the study, which is published in the latest issue of the journal PLoS ONE.

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