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So you had a bad day …

Charles Darwin read Lyell's “Principles of Geology Volume 1” while he was travelling on the Beagle, and when he returned to England they became close friends. Darwin vents to Lyell in this letter from 1861.

As Robert Krulwich has noted, it’s nice to know geniuses had bad days like the rest of us.  And it’s nice that they had friends to text correspond with when they did.

Happy Birthday Charles! And to the rest of you - Happy Darwin Day!

i love this.

Reader’s Choice: Favorite Space Story of 2013

The votes are in! Can you guess which story grabbed the #1 slot?

Cosmic Tragedy: Shutdown Kills Radio Observatories

As the U.S. government shutdown grinds through its fourth day, science projects are falling like flies as they get starved of funds. And now, one of the most symbolic of scientific institutions has become the latest casualty of the political ineptitude on Capitol Hill. Read more

Weird Science! The Friday News Quiz

It’s FRIDAY!!! Time to forget work and procrastinate. Why not take a quiz while you’re at it?

5-year-old asks: “Do mosquitos bite other mosquitos?”

In the Discovery News morning news huddle today, we got into talking about the often random, yet thought-provoking questions children ask adults. Random they may be, but their inquisitiveness can often throw us. The classic “where do babies come from?” is one of those inevitable queries a parent has to face, but there are likely another dozen, daily, that tax even the best parental educator. Many of these questions may never have been asked by another human being on the planet, ever.

So, in an effort to address some of the most outlandish/inquisitive/bizarre/brilliant kids’ questions, Discovery News is asking its readers via Tumblr for questions their children, or someone else’s children, have asked. Our favorites will be given the full scientific treatment, no matter how obvious the answer may appear to adults. They may even get their own article. The results may be surprising.

Please feel free to submit your questions below…

Why a Mars Comet Impact Would be Awesome

...the aftermath of a cometary collision would be a scientific smorgasbord. If we ever needed to be “pushed” to send a manned mission to the surface of Mars, I can think of no better time than in the years after a massive comet strike.

Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?

The popular film trilogy, The Matrix, presented a cyberuniverse where humans live in a simulated reality created by sentient machines.

Now, a philosopher and team of physicists imagine that we might really be living inside a computer-generated universe that you could call The Lattice. What’s more, we may be able to detect it.

"Welcome to The Lattice.” Yes, the Lattice. Sorry, The Matrix was WAY better. The Lattice sounds like a Lifetime remake… read more.

Next week, Discovery News partners with Revision3 to release a new show, DNews!
Here you can watch hosts Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Discovery News’ own Trace Dominguez introduce themselves and the new YouTube channel!

Tune in every day starting next Wednesday, Dec. 5, at!

Sadly, this means I (Trace) won’t be managing the Tumblr anymore. I’ll miss you all! It’s been some of the most fun I’ve had working at Discovery News! We have a great community! Our space producer, Ian O’Neill will be taking over from here on in. He’s snarky. You’ll like him.

I hope you like the new show! Watch it on and follow us on G+, Facebook, and Twitter!

via trce

The American science programs that landed the first man on the moon, found cures for deadly diseases and bred crops that feed the world now face the possibility of becoming relics in the story of human progress.

Search for Extreme Life Takes to the Skies:

The search of life in extreme environments on Earth is going to the edge of space. NASA scientists and engineers are planning to launch a balloon to the upper atmosphere to retrieve samples of microorganisms.

Read more

'Channeling Spirits' Shuts Down Parts Of Brain:

During a trance-like session of psychography, experienced mediums in Brazil allow themselves to become receptive to spirits or dead souls. Then they write automatically, channeling the voices of those they believe to be speaking to them […] “I don’t think this does anything to make (the experience) less real or less profound or to make it less important in the moment,” said Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Read more

is this going to kick off a new space race?

China to Launch Manned Space Mission in 2013

The Shenzhou-10, with three crew members, is aiming for a primary launch window in June, Niu Hongguang, deputy commander-in-chi

ef of the manned space program, told China National Radio in an interview Friday.

He said one of the three astronauts would likely be a woman. China has also said it was working towards landing a man on the moon, but did not specify a time-frame.
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