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Pluto’s New Moons Get Names From Hell

Congratulations Pluto! We Earthlings have named two of your offspring Kerberos and Styx. You may have noticed that, in keeping with your Hellish roots, we’ve named your cute little bundles of rock after deities of the Underworld. What’s that? You’d rather one be named after a science fiction planet?! And Captain Kirk gave you his blessing?! Tough.

SETI FAIL: No Alien Signals Found

… so far.

Trace joins Anthony to talk aliens. Or lack thereof in the latest directed SETI search.

They bring up an important point — why look for radio transmissions at all? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, so to make an assumption that a hypothetical ET went through a “radio transmission” phase is as good a place as any to start.

Alternatively, we could just WAIT for aliens to detect us! That way we’re not doing all the work…

No Alien Signals Detected in Kepler SETI Search

In an effort to search for intelligent extraterrestrials, SETI astronomers have completed their first “directed” search. Unfortunately, it turned up no evidence of transmitting aliens. But that’s hardly surprising.

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Franklin Antonio, co-founder and chief scientist of the telecommunications company Qualcomm, has donated $3.5 million to the SETI Institute. That’s pretty awesome. Funds will be used to expand the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). Seems fitting that Qualcomm should step in with much-needed funding — detecting ET’s phone call will notch up some heavy long-distance charges…


Jodie Foster helps nonprofit search for aliens
SETI’s telescope array went live in 2007 but was forced to shut down in April due to lack of funding.

I knew I could count on Jodie Foster. Still, after all these years.