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Need a morning “boost”? Then this might be the cereal for you!

From oysters and the gonads of hermaphroditic sea urchins, to Viagra and the Horny Goat Weed supplements at your local gas station, there seem to be no shortages of food and pills purported to boost the sex drive. However, you may be surprised where the latest libido booster is popping up: your cereal bowl.

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Laci has all the answers to all the questions we were asking. I mean, no sex for a year-long mission in orbit? That’s no fun. (Don’t talk to me about microgravity blood flow…)

The Record-Breaking Sex Lives of Barnacles

They have the largest penises (relative to body size) in the animal kingdom and now researchers find they are adept at collecting sperm directly from the water. “The unique ‘shoot and catch’ system marks a first for crustaceans,” says Discovery News’ Jennifer Viegas. Impressive. Read more…

Laci Green says: "Coming keeps you going!" And who are we to argue?

Say what? I’m a sex addict? If you say so, Laci!

Tofu = Good Sex?

People who consume tofu and other plant-based foods might enjoy a better sex life than meat-eaters, suggests a new study that found certain plant products can influence hormone levels and heighten sexual activity.

It’s Official: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Turn Teens Into Monsters


New research today from the Department of Oh My God Why Does This Study Have To Exist — turns out, vaccinating teenage girls against HPV won’t cause them to go from innocent children drawing pictures of flowers with crayons to unstoppable sexzillas. Sort of like how wearing seatbelts doesn’t cause car accidents, or how wearing sunscreen doesn’t cause skin cancer. But will the study convince reticent parents to abandon their ass-backwards logic and actually acknowledge that their daughters’ sexuality will someday exist?

The study, published today in the journal Pediatrics, showed that there was no evidence that girls who are given the Gardasil vaccine against HPV respond by going out and hopping on the nearest guy. Instead, girls who receive the vaccine have similar sexual trajectories to their unvaccinated peers — except the girls who are vaccinated get the bonus of being protected from a deadly and preventable form of cancer when they do have sex.

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i know this was talked about, but was this an actual worry?

seriously, was someone out there concerned that one thing keeping young women from becoming sex-crazed man-eaters was a cancer vaccine?

all in all, an interesting study on social behavior of those who have concern for future sexual health versus those who may not.


Libido-Killing Food

If oysters and chile peppers supposedly make people feel frisky, what foods have the power to turn them off sex altogether? Lexi Dwyer looks at anti-aphrodisiacs, or recipes for disaster in the bedroom

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Bats Think About Sex, A Lot

Bats may have more in common with the fictional Batman than previously believed, since both successfully combine work with courting sexy potential mates — a lot of them.

"Male bats use various displays to attract females, often combining visual, acoustical and olfactory stimuli," the lead author said, explaining how males try to excite every possible sense in females.

During displays, the male will hover in front of the female and fan her vigorously, exposing her to a stinky perfume of sorts comprised of urine and glandular secretions kept in the wing sacs.

go ahead, it’s safe for work…

this is certainly educational… *crosses legs with pained look*

Castrated Men Outlive Other Guys

Castrated men tend to live much longer than fully endowed guys, according to a new study that suggests male sex hormones are responsible for shortening the lives of men.

There might be a tradeoff of quantity versus quality, though.

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Varys, Game of Thrones

I see what you did there, my lord. - Varys

this is really odd.

but it might give some tigers their stripes.

if you know what i’m sayin’.

Could Viagra Help Save Tigers?

As the Chinese economy has grown so has the number of animals hunted for use in medicines and luxury goods, but the introduction of pharmaceuticals, such as Viagra, may help make a dent in the culling of endangered animals.


"Physiologically, if the sperm is in the vagina, a pregnancy can occur, regardless of the circumstances of how that sperm got there." — Dr. Melisa Holmes, an ob-gyn and founder of Girlology

Akin and Pregnancy: Yes, It Can Happen to Rape Victims

Rep. Todd Akin from Missouri recently suggested that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy during rape.

When a viable sperm penetrates a viable egg inside a woman’s reproductive tract, the result is a fertilized egg that can then implant in the uterus. That fact of life is consistent regardless of how that sperm and egg met up, including whether or not the sperm was ejaculated during rape.

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