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Can We Hack Space to Reduce Spacecraft Damage?

The radiation belts around Earth are loaded with dangerous protons and electrons that can damage spacecraft. Now researchers are launching experiments to see if they can clear away the high-energy particles that pose the hazard by blasting them with radio waves.

That will show you, Van Allen!

Laci has all the answers to all the questions we were asking. I mean, no sex for a year-long mission in orbit? That’s no fun. (Don’t talk to me about microgravity blood flow…)

When the Dyna-Soar Went Extinct: We all know that 65.5 million years ago an asteroid slammed into the Earth off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula and wiped out the dinosaurs. But there’s another dinosaur (of sorts) that died a little more recently. The U.S. Air Force’s Dyna-Soar, a precursor to the space shuttle, was wiped out by bureaucracy and bad timing.