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Super Bowl Blackout Scores Social Media Touchdown

You might think the biggest touchdown of Super Bowl XLVII came from Jacoby Jones’ record-setting 108-yard kickoff return, but in terms of social media, last night’s blackout recorded the biggest spike, especially in end zone of advertisers and comedians.

Super Bowl Ads: Sexy Astronauts and Space Babies

I’m a 49ers fan, so that might be why this late night blog came across particularly snarky. But really Axe, did you have to punch a shark?!

Yes, you can livestream the Puppy Bowl right here.

Who doesn’t need more puppies in their life?

How the Military Made Football What It Is

In its infancy, football was a rugby-like sport that was played only at elite Northeastern colleges. After the first official college game, between Yale and Harvard in 1869, football began to spread westward and southward.

Football first met the armed forces in 1882.

In those early years, military teams often played against college teams, and that occasionally caused problems.

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PHOTO: The Annapolis (Navy Football) team sitting wrapped in blankets on the side lines on Nov. 24, 1923. Corbis Images