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Touch, Tilt 3-D Images Like You’re Tony Stark

The time is coming when we can bat around holographic images like Tony Stark did in Ironman 2. Only instead of holograms, they’re images generated with help from a fog machine. Read more

X-Ray Tech Penetrates Rock, Detects Diamonds

In the endless hunt for diamonds in ore, the elusive gems are more frenemy than best friend. A new X-ray technology being developed in Germany promises to locate diamonds deep in rock. Read more

Man Gets 3D-Printed Skull

Why yes, we can print you a new body part. A motorcycle accident victim in Wales just had his skull surgically reconstructed by a team that used 3-D technology to print custom implants for him. Read more

Can We Hack Space to Reduce Spacecraft Damage?

The radiation belts around Earth are loaded with dangerous protons and electrons that can damage spacecraft. Now researchers are launching experiments to see if they can clear away the high-energy particles that pose the hazard by blasting them with radio waves.

That will show you, Van Allen!

Twisted Threads Make Strong, Supple Robots

The current generation of robots always seem so, well, robotic. Their herky-jerky movements are the result of the stiff wires and pulleys that contract and expand to move their limbs. But what if robo-muscles were more like our own; strong, yet supple, self-sufficient for long periods of time (think of the human battery life versus a robot’s) and able to make complex fine motor movements like writing or sewing. Read more

Billionaire Branson Testing an Island Microgrid

Dirty diesel is the most common form of electricity generation throughout Caribbean island nations, but that will change if billionaire Richard Branson has anything to do with it. Read more

Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (Feb 9)

This week, it’s all about the outdoors, whether it’s for fun, for adventure, exploration or for Olympic gold. Check out the latest gadgets gone wild.

Talking Plants Could Speak Planet’s Problems

Over the millions of years that plants have evolved, they’ve reacted to multitudes of stimuli for the sheer fact that they can’t get up and walk away. In doing so, vegetation releases tell-tale electrical signals that researchers believed can be harnessed to effectively turn plants into biosensors. Read more

Eye Reflections in Photos Could Help Solve Crimes

Eyes are supposed to be windows to the soul — but they make even better mirrors. And what they reflect will astonish you. Read more

Hackers Target Cards; Here Are Safer Ways to Pay

A new report from security researcher Brian Krebs said that 40 million people who shopped at Target stores in the three following Thanksgiving may have had their information stolen. According to Krebs, “The type of data stolen — also known as “track data” — allows crooks to create counterfeit cards by encoding the information onto any card with a magnetic stripe.” What other, safer, ways are there to pay?

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