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Touch, Tilt 3-D Images Like You’re Tony Stark

The time is coming when we can bat around holographic images like Tony Stark did in Ironman 2. Only instead of holograms, they’re images generated with help from a fog machine. Read more

Twisted Threads Make Strong, Supple Robots

The current generation of robots always seem so, well, robotic. Their herky-jerky movements are the result of the stiff wires and pulleys that contract and expand to move their limbs. But what if robo-muscles were more like our own; strong, yet supple, self-sufficient for long periods of time (think of the human battery life versus a robot’s) and able to make complex fine motor movements like writing or sewing. Read more

Talking Plants Could Speak Planet’s Problems

Over the millions of years that plants have evolved, they’ve reacted to multitudes of stimuli for the sheer fact that they can’t get up and walk away. In doing so, vegetation releases tell-tale electrical signals that researchers believed can be harnessed to effectively turn plants into biosensors. Read more

Eye Reflections in Photos Could Help Solve Crimes

Eyes are supposed to be windows to the soul — but they make even better mirrors. And what they reflect will astonish you. Read more

WildCat Robot Gallops, Bounds

Oh… neat! A nightmare that gallops! Read more

Tiny Robo-Fly Uses Micro Energy to Buzz

For 12 years, Harvard engineering professor Robert Wood has been trying to get a fly-sized drone off the ground. He and his colleagues have had to overcome issues of weight, aerodynamics of wing flapping, power supply, and figuring out how to manufacture a robot smaller than a quarter. Finally, the little robo-fly is airborn. Read more


Launched Dec. 7, 1972, Apollo 17 was the last space mission to land astronauts on the moon. 

today marks 50 40* years since we last set out to land on the moon.

today is a sad day.

*It’s a sad day, Trace, but it’s not THAT sad! ;) ~Ian

Do Robots Rule the Galaxy?the rulers of our galaxy may have brains made of the semiconductor materials silicon, germanium and gallium. In other words, they are artificially intelligent machines that have no use — or patience — for entities whose ancestors slowly crawled out of the mud onto primeval shores.”

Artificial Muscle Stronger Than the Real Thing: They’re small but mighty. The tiny artificial muscles created by an international team of researchers are 200 times stronger than human muscle fibers of comparable size. In the future, improved versions of the muscles could go into the next generation of movers and doers. Go flex those artificial muscles and read more…


Hydro Power Project

“Hydro Project”, consists of  shots in the construction of dams in Ethiopia and China. Splendid photographs the line between nature and human intervention by photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow.

they’re rather gigantic.


Vincent Fournier’s photo journalistic series ‘The Man Machine’ explores developing robotic technology from around the world. Click the photos for more information. 

(also check out ‘Space Project’ posted earlier this week)

will there soon be a time when robots walk the streets just like us? it seems odd to me that it might soon be normal.

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