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Artist Claudio Garzón was building a curriculum for a summer art course in Los Angeles when the idea struck. He remembered reading about a soldier in Afghanistan who created action figures out of bottle caps so he tried it himself.

Only instead of bottle caps, Garzón used plastic debris gathered from walks along the Los Angeles River. Dubbing his initial sculptures “Plastikobots,” he began teaching art students how to make their own with the intention that they’d learn about ocean conservation at the same time.

“When the signs are out there, how could you turn a blind eye?” he said. Here’s a look at Garzón’s steampunk art made from plastic trash.

Incredible artwork — the turtles are spectacular. For more of Garzón’s steampunk creations, check out the slide show…

Pickin’ up the trash, put it in the bag. *bump* *bump*

Mystery Mars Object is Curiosity’s Litter

Depending on where you live, dropping litter out of your car window is a very unsavory habit — at worst, it’s a crime. But when you’re in the business of dominating another planet, litter-dropping is the inevitable downside of doing awesome stuff in space.

Enter Curiosity: The one ton, nuclear-powered, laser-armed, six-wheeled rover. And now, unashamed interplanetary litterbug.

see video after the jump…