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Why Should We Worry About North Korea?

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un could be bluffing. He could be talking about attacking South Korea as a way of keeping himself in power, or proving to his people and his neighbors that he is in command rather than his generals. But what if he isn’t? What if an attack did occur? What would it look like?

Can You Crack The Pigeon’s Code?A coded message found attached to the remains of a hero D-Day carrier pigeon may never be cracked, British top codebreakers have admitted.

Fancy a go?

Drone Sub-Hunter to Patrol Seas:

…now the Pentagon wants to build a drone sub-hunter that can chase enemy craft for up to two months at a time without any human operator at the helm.

Innovations in Propaganda Through History:

With Israeli and Palestinian forces in a deadly conflict from the air and now on the ground in Gaza and Israel, another battle is being waged, the war of public opinion, on an unexpected battlefield: social media.

Conflict between both sides might not be anything new, but the use of Twitter and other social media platforms to sway users on the digital landscape might be a first in military history.

Although the war of words on social media might be unexpected, propaganda and innovation have always gone hand in hand.

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i know it’s not veteran’s day today, it was yesterday, but in case you didn’t catch it — thank a vet today.

Veterans Day History: Americans at War

This Veterans Day, Discovery News honors American military service personnel with a look back at some of the great battles throughout our nation’s history.

In the painting, General George Washington leads the Continental Army on Christmas Day across the Delaware River to confront Hessian forces.

The ensuing battle between the two sides would be known as the Battle of Trenton and would lead to a key victory for American forces in their struggle for independence.

See this and other photos of American military history.

thank you to all the veterans out there!

humanity’s reach for space took a major leap seventy years ago today.


October 3, 1942: The V-2 rocket becomes the first man-made object to reach space. 

At the time of this launch, the V-2 was called the A-4 (Aggregat-4), the fourth and most successful design of Nazi Germany’s “Aggregate” set of rockets. All of this - the V-2 and Germany’s rocket program - was largely the creation of one Wernher von Braun, who, like many other German scientists, made enormous and indispensable contributions to the United States’s own space program. Although von Braun later stated that he had been “interested solely in exploring outer space”, the V-2’s intended purpose by his higher-ups was destruction (later in the war, it was renamed “V-2”, for “Vengeance Weapon 2”). A missile that could reach space could also potentially reach a city like London, which it eventually did, although the rocket’s potential for destruction was severely limited by its inaccuracy and unreliability.

Three test launches of the V-2 failed before the successful fourth, which was conducted at the Test Stand VII facility along the Baltic Sea. The rocket reached a height of around 90 to 100 km, or just enough to cross the boundary of the Earth’s atmosphere into outer space. Dr. Walter Dornberger, another leading figure in Germany’s rocket program, called that day “the first of a new era in transportation, that of space travel…”. Perhaps he was correct in saying so, but the rocket was to fulfill its role as a weapon of war first. As a weapon, it was incredibly inefficient, despite the fact that its supersonic speed and high trajectory made it almost impossible to touch. In fact, more people were killed building the rockets than by any bombings conducted with them. For this reason and because these bombings began in the summer of 1944, this purported “miracle weapon” had a negligible effect on the actual course of the war.

After the war, the Allies (mostly the United States and Soviet Union) absorbed German rocket technology as well as the scientists who had developed it, and based much of their own rocket technology on the V-2. For this reason, the V-2 can be described as “the progenitor of all modern rockets”, serving as the model upon which the Redstone rockets (which took Alan Shepard into space) were based. 


Lincoln visits with his generals

After the Civil War battle of Antietam, President Abraham Lincoln was anxious for Major General George B. McClellan to pursue Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s army into Virginia. McClellan believed that his army was not fit to move. Lincoln unexpectedly visited McClellan and his army to observe its condition. On October 3, 1862, Alexander Gardner photographed Lincoln and McClellan at the Fifth Corps headquarters.

Photograph of President Abraham Lincoln and His Generals After Antietam, 1862

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"It is the only known illustration of a human figure to be carved into a meteorite, which means we have nothing to compare it to when assessing value."

okay, someone get me a meteorite, i’ll carve a self-portrait and then we’ll have something to compare it to.

FYI: mine will likely be no where as interesting as this.

Ancient Buddha Carved from Meteorite

German scientists have discovered an ancient Buddhist statue with extraterrestrial origin.

A hefty Buddha statue brought to Europe by the Nazis was carved from a meteorite that fell 15,000 years ago along the Siberia-Mongolia border.

According to Buchner, the statue was likely carved about 1,000 years ago by the pre-Buddhist Bon culture of the 11th century. However, the exact origin and age of the statue remains unknown.

i am iron man…


I didn’t even notice the scars at first glance…


The ‘Napalm Girl’, 40 years later

Joe McNally, who was commissioned by LIFE magazine to find and photograph subjects of Pulitzer Prize winning photos, shot Kim Phuc – the girl running from an airborne attack in this devastatingly iconic shot during the Vietnam War.

The original photo was taken by AP photographer Nick Ut, and turned Kim into a propaganda tool for the anti-war movement.  Joe had the privilege of meeting and photographing Kim, who had recently given birth to her newborn son. Joe knew to treat the situation with care, since showcasing her scars from the napalm burn was significant.

“For me, doing this assignment reconfirmed so many things I’ve always believed about photography,” says Joe in his blog post “On a Road, 40 Years Ago“. “That photo made on that horrible day was made in less than a second. Yet a lifetime spun on its power. With so many photographs being taken everywhere, easily, and thoughtlessly, it’s easy to forget how powerful they can be, and occasionally are.” (via)

Where was it?

Under a parking lot.

Medieval Church Discovered

The hunt for King Richard III’s grave is heating up, with archaeologists announcing that they have located the church where the king was buried in 1485.

These discoveries leave us in no doubt that we are on the site of Leicester’s Franciscan Friary, meaning we have crossed the first significant hurdle of the investigation.

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Syrian Cultural Sites Damaged by Conflict 

These beautiful pieces of history are being maimed by modern problems. This is so sad.


Cultural monuments throughout Syria, like this mosque in Azaz north of Aleppo, have been damaged by shelling, gunfire, and ongoing violence.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra once visited the column-lined streets of the Roman city Apamea, now located near the modern Syrian city of Hama. This year…

The scientists believe this army lost. What a way to go.

Skeleton Army Rises from Bog

The remains of hundreds of warriors have resurfaced from a Danish bog, suggesting that a violent event took place at the site about 2,000 years ago.

"It’s clear that this must have been a quite far-reaching and dramatic event that must have had profound effect on the society of the time," the project manager said.

Showing distinct weapon marks, the Iron Age bones can be found all over a large area.

the bones go marching one by one…

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