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Dude! When’s the Next Big Wave?

As anyone knows, it’s easy to make waves. But a lot more than sloshing in the tub goes into the making of the sort of 100-plus-foot (30.5 meter) wave that surfer Garrett McNamara rode on Jan. 28, in Nazaré, Portugal.

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Big Wave Surfer’s X-Mas Gift: Survival:"Greg Long almost missed Christmas this year. On Dec. 22 he was surfing at a rare monster storm swell at one of Earth’s most treacherous and remote big wave spots: Cortes Bank, miles off the coast of southern California. He fell from his board in the middle of a series of 25-foot-tall waves that came crashing down around him."

That’s one lucky surfer!

Floating offshore oil drilling platforms, offshore wind farms and buoys are vulnerable to waves, especially those from storm swells. But a team of engineers has found a way to make those ocean-faring structures invisible to waves. The technique could help protect marine structures from damage when big storms hit.

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Would you want to catch THIS wave?

Nevertheless, McNamara got in the water and ended up catching the biggest wave ever ridden, according to an announcement today by Guinness World Records. Despite original estimates that the wave peaked at up to 90-feet high, the latest calculations put it at 78 feet. That’s about a foot higher than the previously held record, set in 2008.

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Floating Webs Capture Sun and Wave Power

A new concept for marine solar cells could harness energy from both the sun and the waves at the same time.