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What Creates a Deadly Mudslide?

Was it a landslide, landslip, mudslide or mud flow, and was there any way to prevent the catastrophe that killed at least eight people on Saturday along the Stilliguamish River in Washington State? Read more


TCR | 2014.01.06

Gotta say, “Arctic Coldnado” does have a certain ring to it…

Here’s the science behind the Polar Vortex…

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Hotter Earth Cooks Up More Thunderstorms

If you follow climate science at all, you’ve probably heard that a warming world is likely to generate more nasty weather and a lot more weather extremes, kind of like the extreme droughts and then torrential flooding that Colorado, New Mexico and other western states have experienced. Well that also goes for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, according to a new study by researchers who used a new computer simulation to test the conditions which generate tornadoes. Read more

Naming Nemo: How the Storm Got Its Name

Back in October 2012, everybody was poohooing The Weather Channel’s (TWC) plan to start giving names to significant winter storms. Now it looks like a large number of reports on the storm, dubbed Nemo by TWC, have adopted the name (not all, by any means, but lots, including Discovery News).

What happened? I’ll say it in three words: search engine optimization. Despite very reasonable arguments against the naming of winter storms by many meteorologists, we are seeing them adopted anyway.

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What’s a Nor’easter?

A nor’easter is a type of cyclone that can pack hurricane force winds and dump torrents of rain or feet of snow. Cyclonic storms, including nor’easters and typhoons, form around low pressure systems in the atmosphere. Unlike their tropical typhoon cousins, nor’easters are fueled by cold air.

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El Nino Unlikely Before End of Year:

"Model forecasts and expert opinion suggest that the likelihood of El Nino conditions developing during the remainder of 2012 is now low," the World Meteorological Organization said in its latest update.

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Image of the day so far: voting by flashlight in a makeshift polling tent on Staten Island. (via NYTimes)

-Jody, BL Show-

make sure you vote today, tumblr people!
and if you’re in the NJ/NY area, good luck and let us know how it goes.

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in case you missed it…

This Ghost Nebula is No Fake Sandy Photo

Join Trace as he calls out the fake photos of Hurricane Sandy, gets creeped out by a ghost nebula and finally explains how the giant moai statues were moved around on Easter Island!

sorry to hurt your feelings social media, but these all be fake.

Top Fake Hurricane Photos

As Hurricane Sandy clobbered the the most populated region of the United States, many people took to social media and the Internet to receive and circulate information about what experts called a 100-year storm.

As is typically the case with natural disasters — especially in this digital age — viral photos quickly put a face on the catastrophe. However, it turns out many of the most popular images pinballing around the Internet during the storm were either fake or outdated. Even major media outlets got duped.

more photos…


the day after yesterday

what a beautiful shot of the city after the devastation…

Hurricane Sandy’s Path of Destruction

Hurricane Sandy slammed the east coast of the United States on Monday and is on track to continue to pound the area through Tuesday night.

With up to 90-mph winds and 11-foot storm surges that forecasters called “life-threatening,” the 900-mile wide hurricane has caused widespread damage in an area unaccustomed to such violent storms. Up to 50 million people are threatened by the storm’s impact.

Take a look at some of the damage wrought by this historic storm…

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