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Green Lightning Revealed in Volcanic Eruption

Lightning researcher Arthur Few says he had probably looked at the two images of the May 3, 2008, volcanic lightning storm dozens of times before he noticed it: weird green channels of lightning. The volcano was Chaiten in Chile, which produced a spectacular light show caught by photographer Carlos Gutierrez. Read more…

Ah yes, “Green Lightning”: tequila, whisky, fresh-squeezed lime…

Weird Science! The Friday News Quiz

It’s FRIDAY!!! Time to forget work and procrastinate. Why not take a quiz while you’re at it?

10 Crazy Fads That Swept America

Sometimes, you’ve just got to plank. Or sit on a pole. Or streak.

Mom Feeds Her Own Skin to Young

Mothers the world over sacrifice a lot for their kids, but one of the most giving moms has to be a newly discovered amphibian mom that feeds her own skin to her offspring.

Um… yum?

Bugs Make Art: Photos

Entomologist Steven Kutcher is a Hollywood “Bug Guy,” serving as a consultant in movies like “Jurassic Park,” “Arachnophobia” and “James and the Giant Peach.”

In the 1980s Director Steven Spielberg needed a shot where a fly walks through ink, leaving footprints.

Kutcher began experimenting for the scene, which led to his interest in prints created by insects.

This is just too cool! Pass me the cockroaches! I have a masterpiece to crawl.

Bigfoot Blamed for Strange Shrieks

Do new recordings from Oregon’s Blue Mountains offer good evidence of the mysterious bipedal creature known as Bigfoot?

Really? I mean, really?

Just because an animal call seems unusual or mysterious doesn’t mean that it is. There are many factors than can affect how something sounds from far away, including temperature, wind and geographical features such as canyons.

My money is on the coyotes. Read more…

Try It, It Tastes Just Like…Hog Rectum

Case in point, you can fry anything and it will taste delicious.

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ON MARS?! A fossil? A flower? A Mars orchid! Morchid! (See what I did there?)

Nah, it’s most likely a bright mineral concentration in a Mars rock outcrop at Yellowknife Bay as photographed by Curiosity (although that has yet to be confirmed by NASA)… but it certainly gets our collective imaginations going. Thank you you big hulk of Mars rover, you’re constantly showing us some very cool stuff, can’t wait for your next mystery.

Beware Spice Abuse: “While you’re busy putting finishing touches on the holiday meal, your teenagers and pre-teen kids might have other ideas about how to use the season’s aromatic spices and other ingredients.”


Is this the world’s most annoyingly addictive (and useless) machine? Possibly. But then again, I know quite a few iPhone apps that have less functionality than this piece of kit. Want to build one? Go right ahead!